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From citrus to cinnamon, we use only the purest, responsibly grown ingredients with natural, old world oils and no chems or preservatives.  Our products are never tested on animals... Well, they don't have to be because we only use nature's own ingredients.

We're bringing back the lost art of shaving where it's important for men to take a little time for themselves in this rushed, crazy paced world. And ladies, we're working on a line for you too.  In the meantime, try our products for your man... He'll love them and you will too! 

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Amazing Products!! Maurizio's White Coat products exceeded my expectation by far.  I purchased the Lavender "Pre-Shave Oil" and the White Bergamot "Shave Soap".  The oil was unbelievable.  It made my shaving experience very smooth, no more cuts or rough patches!  And the shaving soap was awesome, Kept my skin soft and smells amazing!  Very recommended set of products.

Motaz - Ottawa, ON

I cannot speak more highly of the quality of products that White Coat Shaving Co. have meticulously crafted. The shampoo bar is amazing, it has lasted 6 months and my hair has never felt so clean and soft at the same time. The pre shave oil has dramatically improved my shaving experience and has become a necessary part of my routine. It allows for a much smoother shave and less irritation after. The wild bergamot oil also smells fantastic. The lime scented shaving products provide a refreshing shave while the subtlety and lightness of the lime often draws compliments. I'm thrilled that the products are now available online and I can get them shipped to LA!

Jordan - Los Angeles

I'm a big fan of the White Coat Shaving products! High quality stuff. Most recently picked up the Double Whipped Lime Shave Cream and the Shampoo Bar. They're great!.

Hal E. - Waterloo, ON
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