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Lavender Shave Soap - 100 g

SKU#: WC08157

Our Price: $17.00
Soaps are round and used as a shave mug refill with a shaving brush.  All shave soaps contain jojoba oil (which mimics the natural sebum in the hair and skin) and cocoa butter as well as coconut, olive, palm and castor oils.  These components provide a slippery lather which allows the razor to glide across the skin reducing the risk of inflammation and irritation.
The added oils are also nourishing and soothing to the skin. In order to get the best lather when using a shave soap, wet shaving brush with hot water and vigorously whip brush over soap for about 20 seconds.  This action will produce a very thick and dense lather.  Apply to face in a quick circular motion. This will lift the beard off of the skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells. Thus allowing for the closest possible shave.

Comes in 5 scents:  For all skin types

White Coat Shaving Conmpany Products:
Please keep in mind that our soap products are hand made by artisans. Slight imperfections that do not compromise the functionality of the product are NORMAL.
This product is all natural and our farming practice is non GMO and pesticide free. You are supporting a company that has a very small carbon foot print on the environment.

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